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William Edward Crum, Age: 93
Feb 23,1926---Apr 28,2019
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Rebecca and Mike Waner Apr 30 ,2019

Daughter and Son-in-law ,Kansas City ,Missouri

This poems represents my father well: Old Man Beside the river he sat The sun shone brightly and the birds sang A breeze rustled the trees branches In the distance a dog was barking The occasional splash of a salmon Would jar him to awareness There was no one else around It is pleasant here, he thought, And drifted away again To a time when the trees were taller A beetle crawled across his face It disturbed him not A train rumbled in the mountains But he was far away by then And no longer cared to hear That he lived in the present It was more important to him To remember the past And to feel the river flow As it had for many a season To the ocean and the sky To the ground, the lake, and back again The water of his body Became part of the river His mind, blown in the wind Thoughts scattered in the trees Became the buds of new leaves And the seeds of new flowers Laughter drew him back again Children returning from school Playing and skipping stones He smiled and sighed a heavy breath They saw him sitting there "Crazy old man!" they ran away Another drink, he closed his eyes One day some will know, he thought Closing his ears he listened To the flow of the world. Rebecca And Mike Waner

Doug mueller May 02 ,2019

Friend ,Belton ,Missouri

God speed old friend, hope i see you in heaven,you brought alot of joy to our family. Rest in peace Your friend Doug Mueller