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Joseph Young Holman

Joseph Young Holman of Prairie Village, KS, passed away on September 6, 2019 after a life well lived. A Celebration of Life service and reception will be held on September 13 at 1:00 pm at Village Presbyterian Church. Joe was born in 1945 to Helen and Vic Holman, spent his childhood in Leon, KS, and married Janet (Burden) Holman in 1967. After receiving his accounting degree in the same year and serving in the US Army, Joe attended KU Law School and graduated in 1974. He then joined Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co in Kansas City. He built and ran a successful private law practice for 32 years and was most recently with The Whitlock Company.

Throughout his career Joe leveraged his accounting and legal expertise to serve as a trusted advisor to clients through his general practice and community banking work. Joe and Janet owned BankNews Media from 2009 to 2019. 

Joe’s calm manner, patience and professionalism set a permanent example for all who knew him. He was the supreme optimist, a gift he extended to family, friends and his beloved KU Jayhawks. He coached baseball and basketball teams for his son and daughter, volunteered in school activities and offered moral support and love to his family. Papa’s grandchildren adored him; he was a baby whisperer, patient chess teacher, endless book reader and donut run companion.

Joe served as a Trustee of Village Church and was involved with the Arthritis Foundation. He was happiest when he was with his family or out fishing on the river, and he cherished the Colorado trips that combined both. 

Joe is survived by his wife of 52 years, Janet, daughter Kate (Justin Serrano), son Jeff (Renee), brother Tom (Mariam) , and five grandchildren: Rosetta, Vivien, Hazel, Lucille and Walter. His sister Karen preceded him in death. In lieu of flowers the family suggests contributions to Trout Unlimited or The Village Church Endowment.


Additional Service:
Celebration of Life
Village Presbyterian Church
6641 Mission Road
Prairie Village
Zip Code:
Date of Service:
Sep 13 ,2019
Time of Service:
1:00 pm
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The family invites those attending the service to join them for a reception immediately after, also at the church. Anyone unable to attend may watch the service here:; the broadcast will begin about five minutes before the service starts.

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Kate Holman Sep 09 ,2019

daughter ,Brooklyn ,New York

Family and friends, thank you for the love and support you've shared. It means the world to us and is a reflection of the kindness and generosity Dad extended to all. We welcome your favorite Joe memories and stories -- they bring great comfort and will help us prepare for his service. (Click the "Send Condolences" button to get started.)

Bridget Gaunt Sep 09 ,2019

Friend of Daughter ,Denver ,Colorado

Kate, Janet, and Jeff, My thoughts and prayers are with you this week and in the coming months, as you adjust to life without your sweet, sweet husband / father. While my memories of him all include his infectious smile, I think his patience with my own father at never (NEVER) getting his name right sums up the small way he conveyed his patience (and perhaps optimism "Maybe this time he'll get it right!" if I were to read his mind) to everyone. He excelled in all he attempted, but I'm most familiar with his parenting work product. I feel extremely lucky to have known him, but luckier still that the incredible daughter he raised to be kind, thoughtful, hardworking, patient, fun, and full of love is one of my closest friends. His legacy will live on through her generosity to all who know her. With love, Bridget

Peggy Newbanks Sep 09 ,2019

Cousin of wife, Janet ,Houston ,Texas

Joe was such a nice guy and easy going. He was always friendly and kind to my family and our country ways. He will be missed.

Maggie Link Sep 09 ,2019

friend of Kate's ,Denver ,Colorado

Janet, Jeff & Kate, Sending loving thoughts and the hope that the sting of losing your husband and father is a tiny bit less each day. Although my experiences with Joe were limited to my college years, I do remember that he was quick with a grin, had bright eyes and an easy demeanor in the company of his outstanding daughter, Kate. He was a Jayhawk through and through, dubbed and lovingly referred to as 'Dadhawk.' His many professional accolades pale in comparison to the father(and grandfather) he was. He brought an authentic, intelligent and inclusive daughter, Kate, into the world. And it's been and will be to my benefit for years to come. Thank you for your contributions to your community and family, Mr. Holman. You will be missed by many.

Mike Eakins Sep 09 ,2019

Friend ,Lenexa ,Kansas

I am having trouble believing this. We have lost a very special person. My heart goes out all of his family and his many friends.

Marie Skaff Sep 09 ,2019

Holman Family - I had the pleasure of working for Joe at Martin Pringle for a couple years before he left. He was always so laid back and joy to work for. Truly one of my favorites. He once needed a box out of a storage room and when i went to get it, there was a HUGE spider in the middle of the doorway. I told him he almost didnt get his box, because i am deathly afraid of spiders. He laughed and said he would have understood as he once left work to go home to kill a spider for one of his kids. That was probably 3-4 years ago when he told me that and still to this day i think of it when i think of him. He was truly a great guy and will be missed. I lost my dad last August. Hold onto all of your precious memories with him, they will help turn the tears of missing him into joy of having had the time with him that you did. I'll be thinking of all of you. - Marie

Vivian Henry Sep 09 ,2019

work: Holman, Hansen & Colville; and Martin Pringle ,Overland Park ,Kansas

I first met Joe in 2002 when Tom Busch and I moved from Holbrook & Osborn to Holman, Hansen & Colville. In 2010, we merged with Martin Pringle, where I was his secretary for awhile. I will always remember Joe's smile and sometimes mischevious-sounding laugh, his easygoing manner, and his generosity, especially when he brought Space Age donuts to work. I was so shocked and sad to hear of his illness and am still finding it hard to accept that he is gone. I extend my most sincere condolences to his family.

Susie Uppman Sep 10 ,2019

First and foremost, I send much love and sympathy to Janet, Katie, Jeff, and their families. I am so grateful that Joe took a chance on me when he and Robert Hamann hired me in 1987 as the receptionist for their tiny, but growing, law firm. We worked together for 30 years. We watched each other's families grow (and sadly, shrink). Joe was quirky and did things his own way in his own time, but he was absolutely beloved; kind and friendly. He had what I thought was really cool handwriting, but others had trouble reading it, so I was the "translator" many times. I am so shocked and saddened by the loss of Joe.

Brian Gregory Sep 10 ,2019

Friend ,Olathe ,Kansas

Janet, Jeff & Katie - I feel privileged to have known Joe over the past 25 years, and through him got to meet you all (though it's certainly been awhile since Jeff & Katie helped out at the law firm). I learned a lot from him and can only wish I could emulate his grace under fire personality. He made a connection with everyone he met, so I am sure there are thousands out there feeling this loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Kent Shields Sep 10 ,2019

Friend ,Cleburne ,Texas

It was our senior year in high school and our last football game. We had scored a touchdown and the coach sent in the word to let Shields run the extra point. As the right guard, this was an honor. Joe was quarterback and we ran one of our standard plays. I don't know whether I crossed that goal line or not, but what I remember most was Joe jumping up and down yelling "touchdown". The ref looked at me and at Joe again and again. He called the score good. Joe was still celebrating the play for me. That was Joe--paying it forward for me that night and I am sure for many times after that for many people.

Harry Simpson Sep 11 ,2019

Rest Joseph, until you hear at dawn, the low, clear reveille of God. Thank you for your service to this nation.

Sue and Mike Jones Sep 11 ,2019

Friends ,Overland Park ,Kansas

Dearest Kate and family, There are never words to express how we feel at times like this. We remember your mom and dad with great fondness during your Jayhawk years. Bridget is right in that your dad really had a gift when it came to raising such a lovely, kind and thoughtful daughter. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks and months and hope that his being born into Eternal Life, along with your sweet memories, will bring you comfort. With special love and prayers, Sue and Mike

Domenick and Laura Sep 12 ,2019

In-Laws ,Southport ,North Carolina

Kate, we were so sorry to hear about your father. Laura and I wish to express our sincerest condolences. We can only imagine the loss to you, your Mom and the rest of your family. Although we only met your father a few times, it was clear to us what a kind, loving and generous man he was. We know that Justin grew close to him as well. Although we cannot be there for the service we want you to know that we are thinking of you. Time will make it easier to deal with his loss. We love you.

John Bailey Sep 12 ,2019

Life Long Friend ,El Doroado ,Kansas

Janet, Kate and Jeff, I write this with sadness and sorrow that Joe has passed away. However, I temper that sorrow with many great memories.Just to share a few I will start to ramble. My parents moved to Leon, Kansas when I was in the fifth grade. Joe and I sorta gravitated toward each other as everyone else came from outside of Leon. Joe and I spent a tremendous amount of time fishing for perch on the Stern Ranch sometimes catching more than 100 in a day. We never kept any as we were on our bikes. We spent much of the summer fishing mostly on the little Walnut River south of Joe's house. Joe and I played sports together and in fact, on the football team, I was the center and he was the quarterback. When we needed a few yards for a first down or touchdown, he would pat me on the rear to let me know it was going to be a quarterback sneak. My job then was to try and run over as many people as possible knowing full well that Joe was going to be running up my back. Made quite a few yards that way. This note to you guys has got to include all of the trouble Joe got into that I got blamed for, well maybe I helped with the trouble part. One summer night in high school, we were out too late and Joe was afraid to get caught by Vic and Helen so we tried to get him in his bedroom window. That did not work out too well. Joe had an index finger that was sort of odd looking because he was throwing old bottles for me to shoot with my shotgun down by the dam. The top broke off and just took a chunk out of his finger. I held his finger all the way to town and then the hospital so it would not bleed so much. My mother was not happy with either of us and I know Vic and Helen were not too pleased as well. Joe and I hauled thousands of bales of hay working as a team in High School for Harold Jones. We used to pray for rain so we would not have to work in some stuffy barn, but it made us be in super shape and got some spending money. We went to Wichita State University, I majored in Chemisty and Joe majored in accounting. Joe, his Sigma Tau buds and I tried to find as many good bars as we could after studying all day. While in college, we lived with each other in Emporia Kansas for a summer while we each had summer jobs there. Vicki and I got married (53 years now)and Joe served as one of my groomsmen. Vicki and Janet grew up in Latham a short distance apart. We decided to go to KSU and I got a degree in Civil Engineering and Vicki in Special Education. I went into the army as a medical service corps officer and I think Joe served about the same time. Joe and I both went to KU and Joe got his Juris Doctor and I obtained a Ph.D. in engineering. Life took us apart but I always tried to keep track of Joe and Janet as Joe was a big part of me and still is. I know that Joe would have made a great husband and a super father and Kate and Jeff picked a great guy to have as a dad. The world is a smaller place today but it was my great privilege to have Joe as part of my life. Godspeed. John Bailey

Mary Gannon Bridgman Sep 28 ,2019

friend and classmate, 1964 ,Burrton ,Kansas

Janet, so sorry to hear of Joe's passing. We had no idea we would be sending sympathy message to you. Please know that you are remembered in our prayers. Bud and Mary (Gannon) Bridgman

Phyllis Sullivan Sep 29 ,2019

Friend ,Olathe ,Kansas

Dear Janet and Family, Kent and I were out of town at the time of the funeral. We want you to know how much we think of you and Joe. Some of our best memories involve a trout dinner at your cabin in Colorado. Such good times. Please know that we love having your family as friends. Love, Phyllis and Kent Sullivan