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Eloise Diane Brockschmidt, Age: 65
Apr 12, 1956 - Apr 24, 2021

Eloise Diane Brockschmidt, 65, passed away April 24 at Overland Park Regional Medical Center.    

Eloise was born April 12, 1956 in Monett, MO, and graduated from Southwest Missouri State University.  Eloise was a hugger.  It was a trait she was known for, and one that she loved sharing, whether with her nieces and nephews, brother and sisters, cousins, or friends.  It was that human connection she missed most over the past year. So, in her honor, in her memory, the next time we are with family and friends, hug them, squeeze them tight, just like Eloise would have done.  

She was preceded in death by her parents, Vernon and Verna Brockschmidt. 

She is survived by her siblings; Peggy Brockschmidt, Gail Schunck, Debra (Bruce) Poese, Joni (Gerald) Evans, and Neal (Patti) Brockschmidt. She is also survived by her much-loved nieces and nephews: Scott, Bethany, Emma, Jessica, Maggie, Logan, Trey, and Ryan. Also, her great-nieces and great-nephews: Diana, Reese, Jack, and Everett. 

Eloise worked for many years at The Family Conservancy, and the family asks that donations be made in her name to The Family Conservancy, 444 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66101.


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Lori Anderson Apr 26 ,2021

Co-worker ,Kansas City ,Kansas

I am Eloise's replacement at TFC, although she could never truly be replaced. I knew her for just a short time but was impressed by her wit and kindness. My condolences to the family.

Cheryl Gross Apr 26 ,2021

Former co worker ,KANSAS CITY ,Kansas

I worked with Eloise for 16 years at TFC. Eloise went on a cruise with me and my husband in July 2015. I so enjoyed visiting with her since she retired. I just wish we would have gotten together more often. My sympathies to your family.

Casey Thomas Apr 27 ,2021

Friend/Coworker ,Kansas City ,Kansas

It was such a pleasure working with Eloise over the years at The Family Conservancy. She taught me a lot about budgeting and we tag-teamed many grant applications together. I started at TFC very new to the nonprofit world and Eloise was so patient with me. Her spunky spirit and quick wit will be missed. She always had pictures at her desk of her nieces and nephews. She loved to tell me about them! Fly high Eloise. My condolences to the family. - Casey Thomas

Frances Spearman Apr 27 ,2021

Coworker ,Kansas City ,Kansas

My condolences to the family. I work with eloise for 16yrs and we always had great morning conversation as she get her coffee. Peace and blessings to you all.

Claudia Apr 27 ,2021

Colleague ,Mission ,Kansas

The compassion and joy that Eloise shared with all of us at The Family Conservancy was contagious. Her drive to serve families and children with excellence was inspiring and always offered with kindness and a beautiful sense of humor. She would not rest until she could be sure the kids and families were offered what they needed through the TFC programs! Blessings to your family as you grieve Eloises’ passing.

Scott Hanson Apr 27 ,2021

Colleague ,Kansas City ,Missouri

I enjoyed working with Eloise. She was always kind, welcoming and supportive, but wasn't afraid to say what was on her mind. I always appreciated that.

Dana Perry Apr 27 ,2021

Friend ,Kansas City ,Missouri

I met Eloise through our monthly mahjong gatherings. She will be greatly missed!

Betsy Holliday Apr 27 ,2021

Friend ,Prairie Village ,Kansas

Eloise, her sister, Peggy Brockschmidt, and I have been fellow players at Rae Ann and Sherry's monthly Saturday MahJong game for several years. I enjoyed very much getting to know Eloise, who was a crafty but humble player, and always a delight to be with. She will be missed. Betsy Holliday

Sabrina Boyd Apr 27 ,2021

The Family Conservancy colleague ,Mission ,Kansas

To the family, Eloise was more than a colleague, she was my friend. She responsibly managed the funds for the program of my close coordination. Eloise alerted me to grant deadlines and informed me of line item allowances. We often laughed at my challenges as we together dialogued monetary resolutions. And now, I have to miss her twice. My prayers of peace, comfort, and happy memories to each of you. Blessings always, Sabrina A. Boyd

Crystal Henry Apr 27 ,2021

Coworker ,Merriam ,Kansas

I worked with Eloise in my first year at The Family Conservancy in a program that has many moving pieces, especially when it came to our budget! Eloise was always dedicated to making sure that we could make the best use of the funds we were granted in order to have the greatest impact on the teachers, children, and families. I'm honored to have known her and have so missed her presence at work the past year and a half.

Michael Murphy Apr 27 ,2021

Co-Worker ,Kansas City ,Missouri

Eloise was such a joy to work with. There was unbridled laughter, a pathological desire to help, and a slightly sharp tongue. Through discussions I feel like a know a number of her siblings and their children, and can only offer you a virtual hug to convey my sympathies. I feel favored for having known her, and my thoughts are with you. Michael

Kay Bender Apr 27 ,2021

Coworker ,Shawnee ,Kansas

I worked with Eloise we had a lot of good conversations in the hallways and the lunch room area. Eloise was a good person and always had a lot of positive things to say. She was always there to help out in any way she could. I’m glad we crossed paths in life. You will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to family and friends.

Linda Castle Apr 28 ,2021

Co-worker ,Bonner Springs ,Kansas

I worked with Eloise at TFC. She was a wonderful friend and I will miss her. We worked on budget or I should say battled budgeted together for many grants. I learned a lot from Eloise, she was an amazing woman.

Beth Lucas Apr 28 ,2021

Friend ,Overland Park ,Kansas

I only knew Eloise from Mahjong, but I played across from her every month for several years. She had such a delightful personality. She was always smiling. She always kept score and could do most calculations in her head. She liked to win, but she also applauded when others won. I think that says a lot about a person. I’m sad that we lost over a year of playing together and it’s not going to be the same without her.

Jenny Brandt Apr 28 ,2021

co-worker ,Kansas City ,Missouri

Eloise was such much to me, but at the top of the list was teacher. She taught me how to budget, she empowered me and encouraged me. She never said no, not like that. She never made me feel crummy for asking questions, but instead used the opportunity for deep discussion that helped us both grow. She entertained any approach I ever suggested and helped me find a way. She took care of me and always had my back. I miss her so much. Please know how much I valued her and I am thinking of all of you at this time.

Kelly Schiltz Apr 28 ,2021

co-worker ,Kansas City ,Missouri

I worked with Eloise at The Family Conservancy and always enjoyed seeing her. She was always so nice and friendly to me, even though we didn't work in the same department. She had a welcoming and nurturing personality. I'm sending well wishes to her loved ones. I hope your memories of her help you through this difficult time. ~Kelly

Mary Wolf Apr 30 ,2021

Co=worker ,Kansas City ,Kansas

I worked with Eloise for years and years. With her help we produced agency budgets and grant budgets. She kept the Financial Department in line, and with her help we never missed a deadline. Her mind was so sharp, and did many math calculations in her head. Although we were co-workers, we had many family discussions. I feel like I know her siblings and the nieces and nephews. Please accept my virtual hugs and prayers. Eloise was an amazing friend and co-worker. I will miss her. Mary

Muriel Woodburn May 04 ,2021

co-worker and friend ,Independence ,Missouri

To all of Eloise's family, you will be in my prayers for a long time. Please accept my sympathy for all of you. Eloise always shared her family vacations with us. So, I feel like I know you. I worked in the Accounting department with Eloise. I always like and appreciated Eloise. Her brain was very sharp, and so were some of words. She was funny and I remember she really like hugs. I was always ready for on of her hugs. I am a hugger too. The last time I saw Eloise was at Dean Olson's retirement breakfast. We were really very glad to see each other. /she took me around the office and introduced me to new people. She showed me where folks I knew were sitting now. I am truly sorry that didn't call her more. Please accept my prayers and sympathy. I hope your many memories serve you well at this time.