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Irene Stevens, Age: 84
Jan 01, 1938 - Jan 10, 2022

Irene Stevens passed away peacefully while her husband Glenn, looked on adoringly.  Born in Kansas City Missouri on 1 January 1938 and married to Glenn Stevens on 12 March 1954.  Glenn and Irene made Kansas City the home of their lifetime marriage of 67 years.  Irene had 5 children, daughter Susan Pontius, and Sons Leroy, Jim, Bob, and Tom.  She was blessed with 20 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren.


A dedicated wife and mother, Irene established a loving home I which to raise their five children.   As a mother Irene instilled in her children an attitude of caring and helpfulness.  Whether it was having her mother, better known to us as grandma, live with us or driving lots of teenagers to youth for Christ rallies, roller rinks, library’s or just driving around to try and make us sleepy before bed time, mom just knew how to demonstrate caring and love.


Mom knew how to cook.  We may not have had all the expensive fixings but mom could make macaroni and cheese taste like pizza for the teenagers and steak for the adults.  Mom shared her love for family through cooking and baking.  She guarded her recipes until her grandchild Kristen was able to acquire them and publish Grandma’s cookbook.  Even as her grandkids were grown and leaving home to establish their own lives they and their families were always welcome at moms for a great home- made breakfast or desert.


Mom loved Glenn beyond words.  She considered herself a wife and homemaker.  That was her job.  Mom would get up at 4am daily to fix dad a full breakfast before he left for work and always had a hot meal ready whatever time dad finished work that evening.  She always ensured us kids knew Dad was out working for the family because he loved us and wanted to provide all we needed to be successful. Mom was always willing to chip in either by loading up the pick up with recyclable containers or delivering free samples door to door.  She was dedicated to caring for the family.


Mom, you were successful.  Each one of your kids embraces that caring attitude and love of family.  Each one of us know how to help others, how to care for our family and how to be a better person.  I know I speak for all my brothers and sisters and Dad when I say Thanks for being our mom.  I look forward to day I will get to hang out with you again.


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