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David R. Philips , Age: 71
Feb 23, 1951 - Jul 20, 2022

Dave Philips would like to let you know that his work here is done. Dave’s been making music, creating art, and appearing in shows near you for 71 years. He recently received a call from a really big promoter, the kind of offer you can’t refuse, for a tour from which he will not be returning. This new gig began 07.20.22 and came with an unlimited supply of Bud Light and a huge sign-on bonus -- a reunion with family and friends, including Bob, Bette, Steve, Stella, Blanche, Augie and Doris.  Hope anyone who has a chance, can catch his tour when it comes through your town, as he’s requested no farewell ceremony.

Dave showed all of us how to live with generosity, selflessness, humor, curiosity, and honesty. Happy trails, until we meet again.

Donations to Great Plains Planned Parenthood, the Village Presbyterian Church Food Pantry, or the Great Plains SPCA will make Dave smile.

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Jules Jul 27 ,2022

Co-worker, co-conspirator … pal ,Kansas City ,Missouri

Davy - totally overwhelmed with memories of some of the truly insane pranks we pulled at The Big Yellow House! You made it a joy to come to work just to see what silliness could happen on any given day. While my heart is heavy, my spirit is lifted knowing you’re home with your family. You’re surrounded by loving friends here for sure. Peace my friend - put in a good word for me with the Big Guy … and track down my parents. They’d be up for a heavenly toast with you! 😘

JOHN COOPER Jul 28 ,2022

Friend and Coworker ,OVERLAND PARK ,Kansas

Dave you were definitely one of a kind and will be missed. I personally will miss our talks and your friendship. My condolences to your friends & family. Until we meet again, Coop (aka Johnny)

Gary Handler Jul 28 ,2022

Friend, co-worker and patient ,Liberty ,Missouri

Dave, You made coming to work fun! If I needed a laugh during a stressful day, I headed right down to the docks to discuss anything that came to mind or our cats. You were the best listener. I know many people came to visit you just for a little psychiatric treatment. You should have charged us by the hour. You will be missed by many. Love, Gary

Jane Jul 28 ,2022

Friend ,Rockaway ,New Jersey

I met Dave through a friend. I was crazy about him! We were friends, co-conspirators in wacky stuff and Dave was the major art contributor of my newsletter. I’m grateful we reconnected on Fb. If he’s on tour, I will wait for his encore in New Jersey. Your spirit was so big-I know it will make it here. If not, you’re always in my heart. 😢✨❤️🌈💫👍🍷🍷🎂🎊peace, my old flame.