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Crematory fee $300.00
Private Viewing of Deceased (Family Only) $295.00
Witness Cremation $295.00
Shipping Cremated Remains by Registered Mail $150.00
Local Delivery of Cremated Remains* $150.00
Weekend and/or After Hours Cremation $495.00
Weekend/Evening Visitation/Services $495.00
Expedited Cremation within 2 business days of receiving all necessary paperwork $195.00
Cremation of Deceased Greater than 300 lbs. -(additional charge) $295.00
Cremation of Deceased Greater than 500 lbs.-(additional charge) $795.00
*A $4.00 per mile transportation fee will be added for each mile outside our 15 mile local service radius.
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* 8.475% Tax for Missouri State
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    ($14.00 for first copy and $11 for each additional.)
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